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P'Sack' February 2008 Awardee

Jonathan Karras

Desktop Security/Software Analyst
Computing Support

P'Sack' Awardee of the Month


I currently help maintain WSU's servers and other computing infrastructure. I enjoy the breadth and depth of the things I get to do at WSU. Working here has really taught me a lot. I also get to work and meet a lot of people.

I graduated from WSU with a B.S. in Computer Science. I have worked for WSU in various capacities for the last five years.


Jonathan has been an outstanding professional staff member serving WSU in the Computing Support department as well as working with the network staff on protecting the security of the network and desktop computers. He began as a student worker and was so valuable, upon graduation he applied for and was hired to work as a fulltime professional.

He has an exceptional attitude of customer service and we find many users on campus who rely heavily upon his knowledge and willingness to help troubleshoot problems outside of his job description. He works with students, faculty, and staff and is always cordial and accommodating.

He is more than just a great team player, he is a rock of dependability.


The P'Sack' awardee was chosen from a list of nominees as the
outstanding professional staff member of the month. 
Congratulations to Jonathan for being an
outstanding Weber State University employee.



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