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P'Sack' March 2008 Awardee

Dr. Jill A. Grob

Academic Advisement Center

P'Sack' Awardee of the Month


I most appreciate my colleagues and the amazing work they do on behalf of our dedicated team and our deserving Weber State students.

I have been at Weber State University over five years and love it here. I spent the majority of my prior 15 years in higher education administration in three positions: Coordinator for Northern Arizona University-West Maricopa, Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs at Seton Hall University’s School of Business, and Assistant Director of Seton Hall University’s Center for Public Service and Public Administration Department. After completing a B.S. in Telecommunications Management (Syracuse University) and an M.P.A. (Seton Hall University), I earned an Ed.D. in Social & Philosophical Foundations of Education (Rutgers University).


Jill always goes out of her way to make her employees and students feel important. Being the Director of the Academic Advisement Center, she is responsible for an enormous amount of high-level responsibilities. Even so, she is always eager and willing to help answer phones, return messages, and assist students in line at the front desk when it gets busy. She listens to the needs of students and cares about their success.

Jill has earned the respect and admiration of everyone in the Academic Advisement Center.

The P'Sack' awardee was chosen from a list of nominees as the
outstanding professional staff member of the month. 
Congratulations to Jill for being an
outstanding Weber State University employee.



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