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P'Sack' November 2008 Awardee

Wendy Compton

Assistant Director for Compliance and Support

P'Sack' Awardee of the Month



As a colleague of Wendy’s, I am aware of how instrumental she is to the WSU campus. Her position in Athletics is multi-faceted, and she performs many duties that do not necessarily fall within the parameters of her job. Wendy is arguably one of the most valuable employees in Athletics.

Wendy oversees the Compliance Office, which is responsible for ensuring that our university follows the rules and expectations established by the NCAA for athletic departments. It requires that Wendy remain up-to-date on NCAA bylaws/policies (an accomplishment in and of itself!), and that she is able to communicate and enforce this on our campus.

Wendy maintains a valuable relationship with virtually all of the coaches and student-athletes (and staff), and is frequently specifically sought by many because of her dependability. As a former student-athlete, Wendy is willing to work hard to help the coaches and students due to her commitment to her profession, and also her sincere loyalty to our athletics program. Despite her friendly relationship with both coaches and students alike, she adheres stringently to policy, and works hard to maintain academic integrity on this campus. This is a balancing act that she has effectively finessed.

Finally, Wendy is an extremely hard worker. It is not unusual for her to put in 15+ hour work days. Frequently she puts in a full day and then continues to work through the night, assisting with various athletic games. She attends these games with pleasure, as she genuinely enjoys going the extra mile to support our student-athletes and sports teams in general. It is clear that Wendy sincerely enjoys her work, and it is her commitment that has made her such a valuable employee over the years.



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