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Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the integration and management of key business functions that promote the flow of products downstream from raw materials to the end consumer and the flow of information upstream from consumer to supplier.

SASCM is a student organization run by the students studying SCM.  It is dedicated to helping those interested in studying SCM to expand their educational experience and provide networking opportunities with industry professionals.

Some of the ways that SASCM provides these benefits are through creation of a resume book, organizing site visits, and informing members of networking opportunities.

Resume Book:  As a benefit to members, SASCM gathers student resumes into a resume book that will be given to companies coming to campus for interviews or career fairs.  A yearly fee of $5 is requested to help cover the costs of printing and mailing.  As an additional benefit only to members, students’ resumes are also posted to this website free of charge.

Site Visits:  Occasionally SASCM organizes tours of local facilities and gives members an opportunity to see supply chain topics in practice.  Check the Events link to see if any site tours have been scheduled for this semester.

Networking Opportunities:  SASCM works with local chapters of professional organizations like CSCMP, ISM, ASQ, and APICS to find opportunities for students to network with working professionals.

There is a life-time membership fee of $10 to join SASCM.  Please fill out the application by following the Apply to SASCM link in the top right of this page.  Turn in the fee to a SASCM officer or slide it under the door to the SASCM office.  Make sure to include your name with the payment so it is applied to the right applicant.

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