*As amended in November, 1995, July, 2005, and February 2006.

**The By-Laws can only be changed by a two-thirds majority vote of the UFLA membership. Policies can be changed at any time by a majority vote of the Board.














General Duties

1.   Oversee the preparation for and preside at the Annual Meeting / Conference

2.   Arrange for and announce monthly meetings

3.      Set agenda and preside at each month's Board meeting--As a minimum, an agenda will most always include the following:

         Approval of previous minutes

         Treasurer's Report

         Reports from each of the AATs in attendance

         Reminder of next meeting time


November -- Take over as President of the Board at the first Board meeting following the Annual Meeting.

December -- Help the Awards Chair, as necessary, to collect and name Vitality and Pat Buckner Awardees.

January -- Write a "President's Message" for the winter newsletter.
--Help the Newsletter Editor, as necessary, to produce the winter issue.

February -- Begin planning next Annual Meeting.
--The following should be done by May:

         Decide on a conference site, date, theme, and arrange for a keynote speaker.

         Choose a point person, preferably one who works at the chosen Conference site, to arrange for meeting space, audiovisual equipment, lunch service, parking, etc.

         Have registration forms and call for papers ready to distribute in late summer.

March - April -- Attend SWCOLT Annual Meeting.

April -- Plan for May's Board meeting at a restaurant.

August -- Write a "President's Message" for the fall newsletter.
--Help the Newsletter Editor, as necessary, to produce the fall issue.

September -- Receive proposals for presentations (or delegate someone on the Board to do so).
--Help the President-Elect as necessary to name a Teacher of the Year and to line up Exhibitors for the Annual Meeting.

October -- Make sure provisions have been made for Conference including session evaluations and student or other volunteers.
--Prepare and print the program, name tags and meal tickets (or delegate someone on the Board to do so).

November -- Preside at the Business Meeting of the UFLA Annual Meeting.
--Select the "Best of UFLA" presentation, to be presented as a session at the next SWCOLT. UFLA will pay to defray the costs of attending SWCOLT.
--Pass the "gavel" to the new President


General Duties

1.      Take and keep minutes for each Board Meeting. If you are unable to attend a particular meeting, either arrange for someone else to take minutes for you, or arrange with EdNet to make a video tape of the meeting for you so that you can watch it when you're able and take minutes then.

2.      Send the minutes to all Board members as soon as possible after the Board meeting.

3.      Revise minutes, but if necessary after the discussion at the next meeting.

4.      Update Supplemental Policies whenever the Board votes to make a change.


November -- Give all records, papers, notes and minutes to the newly elected Secretary at the end of the Annual Meeting, unless you've been elected for another year!

President Elect

General Duties

1.      Assist the President as necessary.

2.      Serve as acting President if, for any reason, either temporary or permanent, the President cannot complete his or her responsibilities.

3.      Solicit nominations and oversee the selection of a Teacher of the Year to be named at the Annual Meeting.

4.      Be in charge of Foreign Language Week with includes preparing materials to be mailed to all foreign language teachers in the State, and making arrangements for the Governor to sign the Foreign Language Week Proclamation.


April -- Begin solicitation of Teacher of the Year nominations. Send nomination form to the Newsletter Editor or webmaster and announce the process in the spring newsletter.

September -- Inform Teacher of the Year nominees that they have been nominated and that if chosen as UFLA Teacher of the Year they will be nominated for SWCOLT Teacher of the Year and will need to attend the SWCOLT Conference the following spring.

October -- Select Teacher of the Year and have plaque made.

January -- (as President) Guide the UFLA Teacher of the Year through the SWCOLT nomination process.

Past President


General Duties

1.      Notify publishers and exhibitors well in advance of the Annual Meeting and ask them to participate.

2.      Help publishers and exhibitors arrive, set-up for the Annual Meeting.


November -- Receive a list of exhibitor contacts to the outgoing Past President.

May -- Notify exhibitors about the upcoming conference: site, date, costs, etc. Ask if an exhibitor would like to sponsor the cash prize or the plaque or both for the Teacher of the Year.

October --Finalize exhibitor list. Inform the exhibitors about times, parking and other details.

November -- Pass a list of exhibitor contacts to the new Past President.


Executive Secretary / Treasurer

General Duties

1.      Maintain and keep track of UFLA Funds

2.      Maintain and keep a record or UFLA minutes (taken by the Secretary and approved by the Board) as well as a record of resolutions made by the Board.

3.      Make a brief Financial report at each Board meeting

5.      Cooperate with the USOE World Languages Representative to prepare in-service point certificates for those teachers who attend the Annual Meetings

UFLA Historian

The UFLA Historian will:

1.     Keep and maintain the Associationís Bylaws and Policies

2.     Maintain a list of duties and responsibilities for offers and other members of the board

3.     Oversee and maintain the Associationís website, or work with any other board member appointed to maintain the website

4.     Ensure that the UFLA Executive Board works within the parameters of the Bylawís and existing policies and remind the Executive Board of precedence and tradition when appropriate

5.     Keep records and artifacts (either print or digital) of all UFLA Business, including but not limited to:
              - minutes of the UFLA Executive Board
              - financial reports, including monthly statements and annual tax reports
              - distribution of awards, grants and scholarships
              - programs and salient details pertaining to annual meetings
              - important correspondence with national and regional organizations

6.     Ensure that the Executive Secretary/Treasurer pays necessary dues and fees to the State of Utah and regional or national associations (SWCOLT, ACTFL) in a timely way.

7.     The UFLA Historian will, together with the Executive Secretary/Treasurer, be a co-signer on bank accounts or other documents that may require such a signature.


Awards Chair

General Duties

1.      Solicit and receive applications for the Vitality Awards and the Pat Buckner Collaborative Award.

2.      Oversee the selection process for making the awards.


August -- Prepare award application forms and notify the Newsletter Editor so that application information can be included in the fall newsletter.

December -- Receive applications.
--Select award winners, if any.

January or February -- Notify award winners: ask Executive Secretary/Treasurer to distribute funds according to the details of each winning proposal.

January or April -- Give information about the award winners to the Newsletter Editor in time for the winter or spring newsletter.


Newsletter Editor

General Duties

1.      Compose, copy, collate and distribute three issues of the UFLA Newsletter each year.

2.      Disseminate information to the membership about the Annual Conference, including calls for papers, registration materials, and awards opportunities, etc.

3.      Submit costs for materials, copying and postage to the Executive Secretary/Treasurer for reimbursement.


January -- Prepare the winter issue and distribute it to all UFLA members in late January or early February.
--Ask the President to submit a "message."
--Ask the SWCOLT Representative for information about the SWCOLT Annual Meeting (usually held in March or April)
--Get a description of Vitality Award and Pat Buckner Award recipients, if any, from the Awards Chair. This report may not be ready until the spring newsletter; in this case, remind the Awards Chair in April.

April -- Prepare the spring issue and distribute it to all UFLA members in late April or early May.
--Ask the President to submit a "message."
--Include preliminary information about the fall UFLA Meeting.

August -- Prepare the fall issue and distribute it, in late August or very early September, to all of the public-school foreign language teachers in the state of Utah. The Utah State Office of Education will help with distribution once per year.
--Also send copies to university faculty, private school teachers and other UFLA members.
--Ask the President to submit a "message," preferably encouraging attendance at and participation in the upcoming Annual Meeting.
--Ask the Awards Chair for information, perhaps a "blurb," about the Vitality Awards and the Pat Buckner Collaboration in Teaching Award.
--Include a registration form and call for proposals, either in their entirety or with links to the website.
--Include as much other information as possible about the Conference, such as:

Biography of the keynote speaker

Guide to parking at the conference site

Very brief description of some sessions (if ready)

Conference Schedule