UFLA World Language Proficiency Certification

Application Form

Teachers in Utah seeking endorsements in world languages or the dual immersion endorsement, or those in an alternate route to licensure must, among other requirements, demonstrate proficiency in the language they wish to teach (for more information on these requirements see

This proficiency may be demonstrated with:

A.        An official Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) from ACTFL administered by Language Testing International (  ($135 - $260). The OPI is an internationally recognized test and ratings will be valid for licensure in most states as well as in many other professional applications.


B.           A rating of proficiency from UFLA ($75). Candidates will complete an oral test with a UFLA approved interviewer. A UFLA proficiency rating  is recognized by the Utah State Office of Education but will most likely not be an acceptable rating of proficiency for other uses. This option is only available to members of UFLA. Candidates may join UFLA when they apply for the UFLA proficiency rating.The application form is here.

To schedule certification through UFLA please complete
the application form or contact Tom Mathews at